Can I just mention that everyone you see in the 1st picture standing in the back are all Juniors. 

Class of 2013 made the council proud, although things were ruff, people got rowdy, not everyone was eye to eye on everything, we still managed to become as one making last week Friday 9/9/11 the best pep rally ever. We left everything aside and put smiles on our faces and keep our spirits really high. We acknowledged every other class, and didn’t make snobby comments, and if we had them we kept them to ourselves. Overall, homecoming was hard, but together as ONE we managed ^___^

The 2nd picture was us in our coming back pep rally, and I must say we are really keeping our spirits up. We shall continue to keep them high!

2013 13osses keep them rolling out! 

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    Coming out better than ever. Baby, look at us.
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